The Complete Vocal Workout by Roger Kain - RRP: £19.99

Rock singing is an art in its own right. It is different from classical singing (Kain has done both). The sound is different, the range is different: so the training has to be different. These days, the requirements of a singer are so demanding that more and more would-be Plant and Mercurys are seeking guidance from fully trained professionals.

The Complete Vocal Workout is exactly this. Adapted from a syllabus Kain originally devised for the Academy of Contemporary Music, and extended at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, here at last is a step-by-step guide to training the voice to perform under the duress of modern live and studio conditions. With a full spread of exercises for both male and female voices, and with two accompanying demonstration CDs, The Complete Vocal Workout is the perfect guide for all those Pop Idol wannabes who wish to train without paying a fortune.

Basic Vocal Workout by Roger Kain RRP £5.00

There is a lot more to rock singing than just going out on stage, picking up a mic and hoping for the best. What about tone? What about inflection or sustaining notes and phrases? How can you train yourself to hit those high notes?
Roger Kain’s book, Basic Vocal Workout, will show you how. This book is a guide to training the voice to perform in both live and studio conditions. Packed with exercises for both male and female performers, as well as detailed guidance notes to help you use the exercises to make the sounds you want: high and low, clean or dirty. It’s the perfect guide for anyone looking to stretch their skills as a vocalist.

Xtreme Vocals by Roger Kain RRP £7.99

Roger Kain offers an alternative, creative and entertaining approach to vocal training in this new, hip instructional book. Through his characters, Harmony and Clash, Kain guides you through a ten lesson program, covering everything from vibrato and how to project your voice to mastering rock techniques, It comes fully equipped with a CD loaded with examples and “how to’s”, a look at ten successful rock artists, and a glossary of terms used in the lessons. This book is for anyone who wants to skip the theory and jump right into making music.